Why Our Hangers?

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Until I come up with a compelling design for an installation using collected, plastic water bottles, I’ll continue to work on other sculptural projects including: “Why Our Hangers?”

Work in progress
“Why Our Hangers?”  consists of two large scale, teardrops made of collected wire hangers. Together (and they may produce more teardrops) they comment on the rate at which we produce wasteful products. It is true that some dry cleaners are accepting used wire hangers, but most do not. They end up in a trash bin somewhere- along with the plastic the garment came wrapped in, and various other unnecessary plastic wrappers.

Does it puzzle you how some dry cleaners can call themselves “green”? Get more info here: “The Greeen Way” blog: http://thegreenwayblog.com/tag/environmentally-safe-dry-cleaning

If you have an abundance of wire clothes hangers and would like to contribute to the project, please let me know! I’m also collecting paper coffee cups (but not from strangers) to make a small variety, life-sized tree installation next.

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