A Mental Note To…

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See and read more about my sculptural installation entitled “MENTAL NOTES”

Mental Notes Detail

Linda Linda Lewett, a filmmaker at ARTtv documented the installation at Maiden Lane- an exhibition space curated by Elisabeth Akkerman in Lower Manhattan:

Author Abigal Doan writes for Inhabitat: “With cast-off book pages, old dress patterns and newspapers collected from various locales and dear friends, the artist sculpts her forms with the resourcefulness of a paper wasp and the attentiveness of bowerbird”.

and Stephanie Nelson at Natural Home Magazine writes:
“In the piece Mental Notes, Benarcik portrays the fragility of nature and memory through large stacks of hanging paper in tree-like forms. She manipulates the paper and highlights our careless relationship to the resource, as it is cultivated, loved, marked, bent and ultimately discarded”. http://www.naturalhomemagazine.com/Leafy-Greens/Green-Artist-Susan-Benarcik.aspx

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