“Why Our Hangers” at Rockland Center for the Arts

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“Why Our Hangers” Summer Installation at ROCA is on view at the summer Exhibition ” Ins and Outs”

The exhibition, curated by Amy Lipton at the Rockland Center for the Arts in West Nyack NY, interacts with the landscape by mingling with the surrounding natural features, and includes the work of six artists who are investigating abstract sculptural forms with an emphasis on surface and material. The participating artists  use materials ranging from concrete and plaster to fabric, with a variety of rough, smooth, hard and soft textures, also making use of found objects such as plaster molds, food packaging containers, metal clothes hangers, lace, nylon, rope and used clothing. The trees, grounds, and sky will provide a backdrop or context for the works and create new spatial relationships for viewers’ to contemplate.

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