Growing A Garden

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I started a new project in May 2012 and handed it off in May 2013…







Along with Bonnie Ora Sherk, founder of Life Frames Inc., we established the first New York- based, “Community Garden and Think Park” on Roosevelt Island.  Through a program called “A Living Library”, which incorporates local resources and transforms them to become vibrant, content-rich, ecological learning landscapes, the students from PS 217,  Child School, and the Beacon After School Program, are  introduced to gardening- often for the first time! Encouraged to exercise their math, science, art, and history skills in our garden, the kids make new and exciting connections to their usual curriculum.

Was it a Weed Patch or A Garden??

In Late May 2012 we worked hard to turn the soil over and make the beds ready for the baby plants which were donated by the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation. After a few days of back breaking work,  the kids and I found some semblance of a garden bed by following the designs of a previous garden.












On Roosevelt Island Day, we  were inundated with marvelous volunteers and an assortment of plants, as Martha Kerrs Photo’s will attest…the day was SPECTACULAR! And then “voila” a garden grew on Roosevelt Island. For more stories see the following posts on each month in the drop down menu.

Carrot and radish

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