Creative Materials All Around

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Are you feeling creative? When happens now? Do you follow through, or drop the ball and use the sad excuse, “I have no art materials kicking around to make anything”?

Come to the Delaware Center for Horticulture on the evening of February 18th and 25th, where I’ll be giving a creative workshop called “ECO-FUSION”. There will be plenty of  inspiration here, and an opportunity to walk home with a sculptural object … that you designed and make from natural and found materials!

To help inspire you, I will show you where I find the best materials…

They are in the shed, in the junk drawer, the recycling bin, and in the yard!!! Here are a few things you might never consider using. Here’s a link to sign up for the workshop:

Materials like these, and a little thinking outside the box will make you amazing art like this!

IMG_0979 03_Naiad 05_Nest Liminal IMG_0983 Geminiflorous 06_ResidentPod Oculus Actinia Whirl Disparate A tif Phasmid Cucurbita

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