Where Has the Summer Gone?

How did it get to be the 1st of November?

I feel like I was just planting dahlia tubers, now it’s time to get them out of the soil so they don’t freeze! Everything went fast forward after Memorial day. Today I unearthed and jiggled the dirt off the dahlia tubers, they’ve doubled in size since late May, how is that possible? Water, sunlight… nature is an amazing thing, but I already knew that. My studio work is all about the magic of nature, and this summer, I finally worked magic in my own garden. It was a great way to transition into our new surroundings. I figured I’d feel unplugged in the studio for a few months after the move, so  creating a garden might distract me from feeling lost in the studio.



We grew beets, dahlias, carrots, arugula, dahlias, tomatoes, sunflowers, herbs, a butterfly garden, and filled several containers with annuals. The squirrels thoroughly enjoyed the sunflowers, they climbed the stalks in search of seeds….rrrrrg.  We needed some help, so we adopted a squirrel chaser, she’s awfully cute and loves the garden, she loves to sleep as well.

Mid summer, we were inundated with tomatoes and dahlias! Carrots and potatoes not so much, maybe next year. It was obviously time to start canning, so I made salsa, tomato sauce, and crushed tomatoes. We ate more heirloom tomatoes, basil and burrata cheese then any two persons should. The dahlias went to weddings and parties all summer long!



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