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Spring Catalogue:

SIX SESSIONS Wednesday Apr. 1 – May 6
6 PM – 9:15 PM
In this 6 session course, have fun experimenting with a variety of creative mediums that will improve your capacity to trust your intuition while working with diverse mediums such as wax resist (week 1), paper marbling (week 2), photo collage (weeks 3-4), and collaborative sculpture (weeks 5-6). New Mediums/New Perspectives will notonly encourage personal expression, but activate your critical thinking, risk-taking, and problem- solving skills as you learn how to embrace the joy and frustration that comes from working with unpredictable materials and processes. There are no mistakes in this class, only unsolved problems! Each session is structured so that there is equal time for creating and reflection on the materials, process, and results.


SIX SESSIONS Wednesday, Feb. 18 – Mar. 25
6 PM – 9:15 PM
In this 6 session course, students will review the definition of an organic form and explore the
“ins and outs” as a point of departure for artistic discovery and creation. Each student will cite
an organic form found in nature, research its characteristics, habits, and attributes in order
to understand its growth pattern, function, or movement. Research is conducted in preparation for generating ideas, sketches, and a final drawing which will become a continuous 2-D design which considers color, texture, medium, and format. Taking it a step further, students will then design a three-dimensional version of the form and construct it in a single medium or a variety of materials. This class is open to students of all experience levels.

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