Paper Marbling Workshop

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Highlights from my Paper Marbling workshop at Highlands Art Garage. We had a blast, and the results were astounding!  I’m scheduling additional batik and marbling workshops for the Summer and Autumn right now, so please let me know if this type of workshop is something that you’d be interested in.

Marbling consists of floating paints on a surface of thickened liquid, manipulating them to create patterns, then lifting the patterns onto prepared paper. Traditional marbling was done with oils or gouache, but we use acrylic paints because they are easier to use. When marbling with acrylics, the paper must first be coated with mordant, a solution to make the paint adhere to it. The pigments are then applied to the surface of the thickened water . Using special tools, the colors are transformed into beautiful traditional and non-traditional “marbled” patterns. Visit the Highlands Art Garage website for additional information on workshops and classes:

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