Autumn Wreath; Not Your Ordinary Wreath Workshop

Autumn Wreath: Not Your Ordinary Wreath

at Main Line Art Center in Haverford, PA
Monday, September 28, 2015
6:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Notes: $30 supply fee payable to instructor

A Naturalist's WreathUsing unusual branches and vines as a base for creating your own autumn wreath.  The outcome is really up to you and your own personal style, surprise us with the unexpected, go through your junk drawers, garden sheds and art supplies to find materials that will add unique flavor. Add some old silver forks, spoons, and knives, spiced oranges, lemons, and cinnamon sticks to create a wreath that would delight a foodie! Make a colorful display with old ribbons, patches of fabric, measuring tape, spools, tassels, knitting needles, and buttons for a crafty front door with loads of personality. If your focus is nature, use some of those bird nests you’ve been collecting, the seed pods, and even some millet to attract birds to your door!


Materials Provided:
• Grape vine and bittersweet vines
• A variety of seed pods, branches and mosses
• Wire

Student responsible for:
• A plan or design for wreath
• Found and natural materials that you will implement into your wreath.

• Garden clippers suitable for small branches and twigs
• Wire clippers

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