Sculpture and Workshops at Delaware Home & Garden Show

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Today was a very long day that started out with the de-installation of Rhythmic Chaos, my exhibition at the Mezzanine Gallery in Wilmington, DE.  Thank you all for coming out to see my new work!  With no time to spare I steered the art van toward the Chase Center on the Wilmington Riverfront. In a rather impromptu fashion, I unloaded enough materials to create two installations for the Delaware Home & Garden Show. I like these installs the most – The magic really happens when you work with someone who values your vision, and says, ” do what you do best”. Using some of my favorite materials, unusual plants, dirt, fibers, and some rusty stuff,  I orchestrated two great sculptural installations. There will also be two opportunities to take my Eco-Fusion workshop on Saturday April 2nd at the Delaware Home & Garden Show.

Come check out this awesome event Saturday and Sunday at the Chase Riverfront Center:

Delaware Home Builders Association

Chartreuse Succulent Close up Succulent Install Detail Air Install Detail Brown Detail Jute Succulent

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