Adkins Arboretum Exhibition

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It was a lovely Spring Day for the opening of “Evidence of Meaning” at the Adkins Arboretum in Maryland. The art was appreciated all around, and we are hopeful that a workshop will spin off of the interest generated by my intricate work on paper. Mary McCoy shares her perspective on the work for this exhibition, “Casually sketched and collaged with leaves, tendrils, and spiraling snail shells, there’s a rich and delicate tenderness about Susan Benarcik’s mixed media works on paper. This Wilmington artist is fascinated with the beauty and universality of growth patterns and how tenaciously nature adapts and flourishes, yet how vulnerable it is to adversity. In her show Evidence of Meaning, she weaves together a variety of mediums, including collage, gouache, encaustic, and found objects, to create lush and intricate musings on the intimate connections between humans and the environment.  For more information on the Arboretum, events and workshops:




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