Pysanky- A Family Tradition

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Pysanky- The Art of Ukrainian Egg Design


Baby B. Pysanky

Baby B. making Pysanky

I recently found an old picture of a wee kid making pysanky, it’s hard to decipher if its my brother Dan or I hard at work on an egg design. Each year I dig out my supplies, mix my dyes, and hunker down to make “a few eggs”

FinalIt takes a few rounds before the good stuff starts happening, and before I know it I’ve made three dozen eggs for friends, family, and co workers, given as gifts of appreciation for past, current and future deeds.

The designs made with wax and dye range from traditional to contemporary. Each year I make a few in the tradition that my Dad handed down to me, this will be my first year making eggs without Dad! In the past friends have asked me to teach them the process, which is in itself an addiction. After much encouragement,  I started teaching the art to private groups, and then to larger groups with Jester Artspace. Please let me know if your interested in a private workshop for your group, but maybe next year.


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