Farthest From The Ordinary

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Farthest From the Ordinary

A Friends Juried Exhibition

Frolic (c) S.Benarcik 2015 Mixed Media


September 11, 2020 – January 8, 2021

Delaware Contemporary

Opening Reception: Friday September 11th, 5-8 PM

FARTHEST FROM THE ORDINARY depicts familiar objects and landscapes in unnatural settings to explore the current environmental and social issues experienced in the world today. The delicate nature of self, both as a human and the relationship to the earth, is affected by the decisions that are made and actions that are taken on a daily basis. This exhibition asks, “What actions might instill permanent change in ourselves or the world around us?” The seven artists selected visually explore the impact of an individual and a collective group on both the betterment and detriment of society through materiality and vibrant, contemporary expressions that are the “farthest from the ordinary.”

200 South Madison Street
Wilmington, DE 19801

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