Susan Benarcik is an artist deeply rooted in horticulture and design, her concern for the environment is made evident in her sculptural installations, and surface designs.

“In the same way generations of naturalists have been fascinated, I’m intrigued by rhythms and patterns found in the natural world, their makers, and their impetus for creating.”

Part printmaker and part sculptor, Benarcik takes elemental forms of the natural and man made world into her studio and carefully transforms into dimensional sculpture,

Sometimes, sheer abundance of available materials inspires me to stack, string, layer, knot, or weave natural and found materials into tactile, sculptural objects-much like the work of a bowerbird. Other times, it may be an unforgettable cluster of fungi, that drives me to create an orchestration of obsessively crafted and co-joined components that mimic a natural formation.

In the hands of this artist, simple materials become contemplative compositions for interior and exterior application that are highly tactile and evocative. They delight and surprise us by bringing equilibrium to our senses, and allow the natural world to become part of our daily cognitive experience.