25 Mar 2010

“The Garden” curated by Beth McNeill opens at the Tribecca Workspace

The Garden is an examination of civilization’s founding story. A frequent muse of artists through out the ages, The Garden of Eden is rich with mystery, beauty and deception. This exhibition illustrates the ancient narrative that has shaped our world. The exhibition features paintings, photography, sculpture, installation and design by artists Jennifer Angus, Saul Becker, […]

25 Mar 2010

Architectural Digest Home Decor Show NYC

Highlights from the Architectural Digest Home Decor Show March 18-21 the McNeill Group Booth

25 Feb 2010

Good (Green) Press on NY 1


1 Feb 2010

Material Investigations

While at wave Hill I used the time to investigate familiar materials their (and my) capacity for innovation. Being that these materials were largely found or donated, their appeal isn’t particularly exciting or compelling. Yet these ordinary , and overlooked materials proved to be flexible and their outcome, thought provoking.

17 Jan 2010

Wave Hill

During the winter months at Wave Hill, the chairs sit empty on snowy banks overlooking the Hudson river. The conservatories are humid, and filled with winter blooming acacia, cacti and tropical plants. Wave Hill gallery spaces are transformed into  “Winter Artist Workspaces” for artists who’s work addresses the environment. This winter, I spent a month working in […]

17 Jan 2010

Where is Wave Hill??

Wave Hill sits on the Hudson river at 252nd St. in Riverdale New York… the last stop on the #1 train. It takes about 40 minutes from Midtown, and once you get there you’ll see how easy it is to forget about midtown or Manhattan. The views are astounding, the Palisades, the Hudson river, sunsets and steamy conservatories filled with winter blooming acacia, cacti and hundreds of tropical plants.

17 Jan 2010

A Winter Residence at Wave Hill

From January 4th- February 7th I’ll have a winter workspace at Wave Hill. Why be in a garden in the middle of winter you may ask? … stay tuned for updates and please join us for open studios on Sunday, January 24th .

13 Jan 2010
20 Nov 2009

Green Art in Green Spaces

The first installation of many more to come…. green art for green spaces. Why would one go to the trouble of building or renovating a new space, certify it “green” and then install art that didn’t reflect a shared concern for the environment… right??? We know that art and design are an important aspect of […]

15 Sep 2009

An Interview With Eco Divas TV

Taryn Hipwell from Eco Divas asks a few questions about being “An Eco Installation Designer”: “http://ecodivastv.com/Blog/wordpress/?p=231