15 Sep 2009

A Mental Note To…

See and read more about my sculptural installation entitled “MENTAL NOTES” Youtube Linda Linda Lewett, a filmmaker at ARTtv documented the installation at Maiden Lane- an exhibition space curated by Elisabeth Akkerman in Lower Manhattan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbRRoAtH0u4 Inhabitat.com Author Abigal Doan writes for Inhabitat: “With cast-off book pages, old dress patterns and newspapers collected from various […]

15 Sep 2009

Loosing Touch With Reality

See the inspiration behind “Loosing Touch With Reality” Anne Marsh writes about ” Loosing Touch With Reality” in Issue #37 of “INDESIGN” Magazine, an Australian publication                

11 Sep 2009

In Pursuit of Wire Hangers…

While in pursuit of wire hangers for my “Why Our Hangers?” project, I read about a green organizer- Julie Naylon in Daily Candy LA. http://www.dailycandy.com/los_angeles/article/41997/You+Gotta+Go Julie has a great mission: No Wire Hangers is a green home organizing business that emphasizes living a more ecologically-minded lifestyle. Not only will your home run more efficiently, but […]

11 Sep 2009

Why Our Hangers?

Until I come up with a compelling design for an installation using collected, plastic water bottles, I’ll continue to work on other sculptural projects including: “Why Our Hangers?” “Why Our Hangers?”  consists of two large scale, teardrops made of collected wire hangers. Together (and they may produce more teardrops) they comment on the rate at […]

20 Aug 2009

Another Reason to Let Nature Make the Flowers

Our convenient, one time-use, plastics end up as tiny pieces of plastic in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. For more startling information about “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch” go to http://www.sierraclub.org/sierra/200905/message.aspx

2 Aug 2009


By definition, greensward is “an area of fresh green turf”.  This is an area of  fresh green turf; not the mowed, manicured and toxic kind… but rather an organic intersection of artful and natural discoveries that generate ideas for a greener future by re-connecting with our greener past.

15 Jul 2009