Leaving my studio in Manhattan was a bittersweet occasion; some say criminal. I love Manhattan and Brooklyn, I adored my home in Park Slope and my studio on 23rd. & Madison, but it was time for a change. Having stayed fifteen years past my five year plan, I felt confidant with my decision to relocate to a community that offered more green space, room for a dog, and my “stuff” …which had been stored in boxes all along the east coast. Originally, we aimed for Philadelphia, but the want for space took us a little further south.



We traded the convenience of urban living for more green space, and a bad linoleum floor. This is possibly more excitement then we can handle; a home, a studio, and a green space!

We have completed one of possibly three renovations, we are thrilled with our home and all its quirky characteristics. Now we are percolating new ideas. As each season passes it sheds new light on our world, and the ultimate studio.

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

Meanwhile, I continue to sort out the details of my workspace and prepare for several winter workshops and teaching engagements near and far.

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