Highlands Art Garage Art Classes

New Art Classes in Wilmington, DE

A new and exciting art education venue is opening in September; Highlands Art Garage. Named for the neighborhood, the Highlands Art Garage is located at 2003 West 17th St. Wilmington, DE 19801. Some will remember the lot as the 17th St. Garage, but it’s now the hottest new place to be creative! The teaching artists here have amazing backgrounds, and will offer classes and workshops for all ages in drawing, painting, sewing, woodworking, printmaking, glass, sculpture, eco-arts and loads of DIY adventures! New classes are being added all the time, check the website so you can design your fall schedules to include us! You can register on line at:

Register on the website. www.http://highlandsartgarage.com


Kids After School Art Class:

Who wants to try something new?  Using  inspiration found in the natural world, you will create 4 projects including; an ink drawing based on a natural pattern like the bark on a tree or a spider web, a wood cut print inspired by a natural form, like a  flower or tree branch, and a 3-D sculpture based on an insect or seedpod.

  -For kids age 8 and up.


Adult Workshop Series “EcoFusion”:

Think outside the box in a two-session workshop with eco-artist and sculptor Susan Benarcik in a “Make & Take” workshop where you design and fabricate your own small scale 3-D sculpture. Learn to incorporate harvested and found materials from your garden and green spaces with curious items from your drawers, tool sheds, and recycle bins.  Some materials are provided, however you are strongly encouraged to bring your own box of “found” or natural materials, wire clippers, scissors, garden shears, and materials that lend themselves to re-purposing and sharing.   You will leave with a shifted  perspective on art and the environment. Visit my blog for more information and recent workshop photos.

 -For the artist and the curious, all levels are welcome. 


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