Sky Frame @ 2 Commerce Square; Sculptural Installations 

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It’s not a secret, but you can’t go see it… yet. I have two large scale sculptural installations-  the kind that take forever to install, and are largely dependent on the space they will inhabit. In this case, it’s the 32nd floor of a high-rise building in center city Philadelphia… and  it’s AWESOMELY unfurnished! Thanks to a new partnership between InLiquid and Brandywine Realty Trust, the 32nd floor of 2 Commerce Square now offers more than just 360° views of the city. Now, the skyline has a byline of works by InLiquid artist members.

A Flexible Perspective, Susan Benarcik, jute, dye, and carboard
Susan Benarcik hand-crafts architectural sculptures using discarded man-made and natural materials. Her work explores natural forms, mimicking nature in a way that the objects are at once natural-looking and other-worldly.

The Ocean’s Whisper to Me, Linda Celestian, silk, dye, nylon, and thread
Drawing inspiration from aerial photography, personal memory, and contact with various bodies of water, Linda Celestian’s sculptures evoke the organic flow of natural form.

T’s Wheel (Or Why I Don’t Believe In Infinite Growth), Leah Reynolds, rabbit skin glue and pigment, deer netting
Leah Reynolds is a fiber artist making large scale installations from colorful, handmade, translucent materials. Often site-specific, her work is sensitive to place and to the scale of the human body, inviting the view to interact with the sculpture and the space it creates.

Surprise… Darla Jackson, polyurethane resin
Through the anthropomorphism of animals, the use of strong body language of figures, and the use of symbolism, Darla Jackson creates approachable sculptures that are simultaneously familiar, odd, and compelling.

This Time Next Week, Buy Shaver, acrylic paint
Buy Shaver has a varied visual arts background that includes Eastern and Western painting, graphic arts, exhibition design, and conceptually based installation art. He creates site-specific text-based work, as well as work on canvas and paper.

2 Commerce Square, 32nd Floor 2001-2005 Market Street Philadelphia, PA 19103

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