Sculptural Installations With Found Materials

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I find it challenging to make artwork out of unlikely materials and find the responses of viewers delightful -when they finally recognize what they are looking at. Because my relationship with the natural world is at the forefront of my practice, I use natural and found materials, principals of alchemy, and ecology to design and build sculpture and sculptural environments. Sometimes, sheer abundance of available materials inspires me to stack, string, layer, knot, or weave natural and found materials into tactile, sculptural objects- much like the work of a bowerbird. Other times, it may be an unforgettable cluster of fungi, discovered on a walk that drives me to create an orchestration of obsessively crafted, co-joined, small components that mimic a natural formation. The sculptural forms I create exhibit both worldly and unworldly characteristics, that are meant to be oddly familiar.  In an interview with a fellow artist and videographer, Linda Lewitt, I talk about how and why I incorporate found and natural materials in my work.

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