Fiber Metamorphosis

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Fiber Metamorphosis is a new class currently offered in the Winter Session at Main Line Art Center. It has become so wildly popular that it’s also running again in the Spring! The focus of this four-week course is to be inspired by and learn how to transform found and natural materials into  the essential elements used to build organic sculpture. The focus is on creating inherently intriguing forms, opposed to decorating sculptural objects. This is a class that welcomes everyone- familiar or not with fibers or sculpture. It’s ideal for creatives who want to experiment with a new medium, and especially designed for those of us who “just can’t throw things away because the want to make something out of it”.

Students will receive an introduction to the history of sculptural fiber arts, and to contemporary artists using fiber based materials to construct sculptural works. Allow two weeks for investigative studies with regard to materials and process, two weeks for design and construction of final project.


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