My Website – A Work in Progress


An Artists Work is Never Done

Is your artist website seemingly always “a work in progress”? My website never seems completely up to date and it frustrates me to no end- besides that, its highly unprofessional. This spring, I developed a three-phase plan to renovate my website and in the long term, redirect new traffic to said website. Because I’m more apt to accomplish my goals if I divide them into phases, I applied for an Opportunity Grant from the Delaware Division of the Arts.

I was awarded the grant, which got me off to a good start. Phase One entailed hiring a photographer to capture the essence of my work and workspace for use in a newly designed website. I asked Joe Del Tufo, a friend and amazingly talented photographer to document my process, works, and workspace.

These images will be used in Phase Two, which entails the development of my new website. Saddled with a new website, Phase Three will be the most challenging part- Marketing myself. I wanted toshare some of the magical shots that Joe captured for me. I look forward to the magic that happens next- as both my talented web design and social media coaches nudge me forward thru what I consider to be one of the most painstaking aspects of being a visual artist. Thanks to the talented folks who are helping me reach my goals, and the Delaware Division of the Arts for their support.



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