New Day: New Series

Posted by on Jan 30, 2023 in Gouache Painting | No Comments

While looking for a new medium to provide the vivid color that my audiences have been asking for, I crossed paths with some acrylic gouache by Liquitex. I thought to myself , “I’ll just purchase a few colors, I’m not going to like these because I have never liked working with acrylic”. Well, don’t let the name fool you, they feel more like gouache to me!

I’m familiar with gouaches matte consistency that provides opaque coverage- a quality I relied on for my  textile designs. It also lends itself well to my palette of vivid-nature colors. Now that I found the right medium, I’ve been making some pretty rapid fire work on wood panels, and small paper pieces that I really like. I want to share them with you. Please send your thoughts and look forward to a  FEW new series!

Mermaid MarigoldTreetop


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