1 May 2017

Join us for a Jester ArtSpace Social

Join us for a Jester ArtSpace Social

                          As some of you may know, I have been working with some great folks to launch a new art space called Jester ArtSpace. We are currently working with the county to see our farmhouse on Grubb road restored. In the mean time, […]

18 Mar 2017

Pysanky; The Ukrainian Painted Egg

Pysanky; The Ukrainian Painted Egg

Join us for an Pysanky Workshop with Susan Benarcik of Jester Art Space Sunday April 9th 1:00-4:00 pm or Monday April 10th @ 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm Introductory Pysanky; The Ukrainian Painted Egg. Pysanky is the  Ukrainian tradition that uses a wax resist method in combination with strong dyes to create stunning easter egg […]

9 Aug 2016

Printmaking for Kids & Teens

Printmaking for Kids & Teens

This class taught by Susan Benarcik, and is specifically designed for eight year olds and up- including teens. Printmaking involves the creation of a master plate, from which single or multiple images are made. There are four main types of printmaking. In this course, the projects we will focus on are: Relief printing- created from a […]

7 Oct 2015



  Wednesdays 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM with Susan Benarcik Oct 28 – Nov 18, 2015Artists produce solutions, manage uncertainty, experiment, explore, transform, collaborate, problem-solve, and take risks every day. In this 4 session course, you are invited to experiment with a practicing studio artist with a variety of creative mediums that will activate your […]

24 Jan 2015

Studio 7 Workshops with Susan Benarcik

So frequently I’m reminded by media that we are distracted, we are we multi-tasking to our disadvantage, and our restless minds have no room to hear subtleties.  So how do we increase our focus in a world filled with distractions? Some suggest meditation, diet, or yoga and meditation to increase mindfulness. What I suggest is … creativity. Studio […]

18 Jan 2015

Highlands Art Garage -The Best Stop on the Art Loop

The best stop on the Art Loop… The Highlands Art Garage- a new and exciting arts education venue offering unique classes and workshops.  Friday, February 6th To mark the official opening in our new location at 2003 West 17th Street in Wilmington, Rich Bockman, Linda Celestian,  Rich Pierce and I will be on hand to answer questions regarding […]

31 Dec 2014

New! Continuing Education Classes at DCAD

  Come take a class with me at DCAD!!! Spring Catalogue:http://issuu.com/dcadcomm/docs/cecatalog_web/1?e=0 NEW MEDIUMS / NEW PERSPECTIVES SIX SESSIONS Wednesday Apr. 1 – May 6 6 PM – 9:15 PM In this 6 session course, have fun experimenting with a variety of creative mediums that will improve your capacity to trust your intuition while working with […]

9 Dec 2014

Winter Classes at Highlands Art Garage

  Three new classes that are designed to chase away winter blues! Winter Classes begin in January… Introductory Silkscreen Printing Grade 5 & Up In this introductory silkscreen printing class, kids explore a variety of basic printmaking techniques, and learn how to make a silkscreen print. In this 4-week session, we create a simple design and turn […]

12 Aug 2014

Highlands Art Garage Art Classes

New Art Classes in Wilmington, DE A new and exciting art education venue is opening in September; Highlands Art Garage. Named for the neighborhood, the Highlands Art Garage is located at 2003 West 17th St. Wilmington, DE 19801. Some will remember the lot as the 17th St. Garage, but it’s now the hottest new place to be […]