23 Mar 2015

Philly.com Spring Fashion and Art

Philly.com Spring Fashion and Art

How awesome is this… I just found out that two of my sculptural installations, “A Flexible Perspective” and “Mental Notes” were part of a Spring fashion shoot for Philly.com. Read the story and see work by talented In Liquid artist members  in  Philly.com   Images  by MICHAEL BRYANT / Staff Photographer

27 Jul 2012

Dendrology; Work in progress

  In an exhibition titled “Dendrology”, which addresses the nature of trees in the broader context of the natural world and in the realm of human society, themes of deforestation, growth, interdependence, and sustainability are presented by artists in a variety of media.    Dendrology; from ancient Greek “dendron” meaning tree, and “logia” the study or science […]

14 Nov 2011