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Abstract artwork from collage, to midsize sculpture and large-scale installations


Recent posts from the past few weeks

21 October

Invasive Vine Basket Making at Mt. Cuba Center

We gathered in the super-fabulous wet lab at Mt. Cuba Center on friday to create beautiful and functional baskets, made of invasive vines.         Margaret Shillingford introduced the vines that the staff had collected from the grounds at Mt Cuba. Honeysuckle, Bittersweet, Virginia Creeper- these were among the many clingy, twining, vines that we used to […]

20 October

Inspired by Nature; Drawing Organic Patterns and Forms

Do natural forms and patterns inspire and delight you? I often create designs based on organic patterns and forms. Can you tell which piece is based on a shark egg sack, or “Mermaid’s Purse”, and which design was based on giraffe fur? I’m teaching “Inspired by Nature; Drawing Organic Patterns and Forms” at DCAD; Continuing Ed &  for credit […]

7 October


  Wednesdays 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM with Susan Benarcik Oct 28 – Nov 18, 2015Artists produce solutions, manage uncertainty, experiment, explore, transform, collaborate, problem-solve, and take risks every day. In this 4 session course, you are invited to experiment with a practicing studio artist with a variety of creative mediums that will activate your […]