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Abstract artwork from collage, to midsize sculpture and large-scale installations


Recent posts from the past few weeks

26 August

New!! Art Adventures with Susan & Linda

Premiering at Highlands Art Garage in September… Art Adventures– a group creativity workshop- led by Susan Benarcik and Linda Celestian As your highly skilled sherpas we will prepare the route, fix the ropes in place, and provide the necessary gear for your art adventure! No previous experience is needed. Work spontaneously with provided art materials quieting the […]

26 August

Sizzling Summer Classes

July was packed with fun for students looking for a summer adventure. Working in mediums such as paper marbling, photo collage, and collaborative sculpture.  Seemingly unrelated, these three traditional mediums aren’t governed by logic, and tend to produce unpredictable outcomes. They push our comfort level and cause us to think about process, evolution, u-turns, and surprise.  Both […]

25 June

Paper Marbling Workshop

Highlights from my Paper Marbling workshop at Highlands Art Garage. We had a blast, and the results were astounding!  I’m scheduling additional batik and marbling workshops for the Summer and Autumn right now, so please let me know if this type of workshop is something that you’d be interested in. Marbling consists of floating paints on a surface of thickened […]