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Abstract artwork from collage, to midsize sculpture and large-scale installations


Recent posts from the past few weeks

10 April

Where do insects go for the winter?

The smart ones go to Mexico- like the Monarch butterfly who makes an annual trek to a warmer climate. The majority of adult insects opt to hibernate. Tree holes, leaf litter, and under logs and rocks are common shelters for overwintering adult insects. The Mourning Cloak Butterfly hibernates in tree holes during the winter, and is the first butterfly […]

23 March Spring Fashion and Art

How awesome is this… I just found out that two of my sculptural installations, “A Flexible Perspective” and “Mental Notes” were part of a Spring fashion shoot for Read the story and see work by talented In Liquid artist members  in   Images  by MICHAEL BRYANT / Staff Photographer

18 March

New Hand Crafted Books at the DCCA

Next time you need a unique and affordable gift, stop by the DCCA store, located just inside the front doors. The selection is amazing; prints, clocks,  cards, pottery, jewelry, and now my accordion books and photo albums!  It’s hard to leave without at least one special hand-crafted treasure by a local artist. Members get a great discount… another […]