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Abstract artwork from collage, to midsize sculpture and large-scale installations


Recent posts from the past few weeks

30 Jan 2023

New Day: New Series

While looking for a new medium to provide the vivid color that my audiences have been asking for, I crossed paths with some acrylic gouache by Liquitex. I thought to myself , “I’ll just purchase a few colors, I’m not going to like these because I have never liked working with acrylic”. Well, don’t let the […]

28 Sep 2021

The Grand’s 150th Anniversary Exhibition

This exhibition in two gallery spaces features a variety of work from many of Wilmington’s finest artists, and a few special guests.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the artwork will benefit the Grand   . 1st Artist Opening Reception  October 1, 2021  5-7pm. 2nd Artist Reception November 5, 2021 5-7pm. THE GRAND Galleries  818 N. […]

28 Aug 2021

My Website – A Work in Progress

An Artists Work is Never Done Is your artist website seemingly always “a work in progress”? My website never seems completely up to date and it frustrates me to no end- besides that, its highly unprofessional. This spring, I developed a three-phase plan to renovate my website and in the long term, redirect new traffic to said […]